Do I HATE fat kids or do I CARE about them?


I do not like kids in general. I don’t like it when they cry, don’t like it when they ask a lot of questions, I don’t like it when they do stupid things to draw attention, I don’t like it when my friends bring them out with us and I have to pretend I like them, I don’t like it when they are sitting at the table next to mine in a restaurant, making a lot of noise, and their parents just can’t shut them up. A lot of things I don’t like about them.

Little kids ask silly questions, walk in a weird way, have a strange look on their face and tend to stare at things a lot. It is like they are stoned all the time! 

And I am not talking about babies here. Don’t get me started on that one! As far as they are concerned, when I hear things like: “Look how cute that baby is”, “Is it a boy? So handsome!” or “Your little girl is so beautiful” I don’t know how to react. Should I start laughing or should I remain calm and serious, and just ask them one simple question like: What the fuck are you talking about? Let’s face it. Let’s be honest. ALL babies are UGLY. No exceptions.

OK, let’s get back to our topic. I am 28 years old, I am still very young. So I might change my mind in 10 years and actually start to like the idea of having my own children. I know it could happen and it probably will. BUT one thing I am not changing my mind on, is that I will never, I mean NEVER, allow myself to let my kids become fat. I find it inconceivable and unacceptable. I can’t understand how any parent would allow that to happen. What are they thinking? Fat kids can be healthy kids, but they will grow up to have a million health problems. They will not learn the importance of eating healthy meals, exercising and controlling their weight. Eventually, besides having health problems, they will grow up to be fat too because they will have no discipline and that can cause even more problems. Not many women like fat guys and (for sure) no man likes a fat woman. Not everybody grows up to become a model, but weight is something that someone can control and hitting the gym a couple of times per week never harmed anybody. So am I saying that fat people have trouble socializing? No, and that’s because most f them tend to be very friendly, outgoing and funny (for OBVIOUS reasons). Fat kids though can’t even be funny. So that leaves them with NOTHING. Nothing except their burgers, ice creams, candy and anything else they could possibly eat in excess.

So all you fat people out there, and especially mother-bloggers, might hate me but I will always hate your fat kids.

I suggest that you should stay calm, appreciate my honesty and take your time to think about it.

Feel free to come back and thank me!

P.S.: Your kids don’t need to know about me and how I improved their lives. You can take all the credit._