Drunk monkeys and invisible cows…


Drunk monkeys with typing skills gain access to a laptop, and use their internet connection to hire dwarfs with superpowers for unrevealed purpose.

i wanted to find something interesting to write an article on, so that’s the first thing that came to my mind when I started thinking about it. I searched the Internet in order to find any information on the subject. Surprisingly, nothing relevant was there. Unbelievable! Not even one single article on such a popular topic. Then I thought the search engines would be more efficient if I used only a few keywords related to the topic. Still nothing. But I am not a quitter. I had no intention to relinquish and managed to find some information on monkeys with drinking problems and others with typing skills but nothing related to them trying to recruit dwarfs.

Eventually, i ended up visiting a website called findtheinvisiblecow.com. UNBELIEVABLE. I had to see what that was all about. It was just a blank page and I could move my cursor around. There was a voice too, repeating the word cow, and the closer I got to the invisible cow the louder the voice was getting. Finally I could click on it and then a cow was revealed. I found a couple more cows and closed the page. How the fuck did I end up there? What happened to the monkeys? Who the fuck is so sick to create such a stupid game and relate it to drunk monkeys?


4 thoughts on “Drunk monkeys and invisible cows…

  1. As a monkey who has been taught to type and has gained access to the internet, I’m interested in learning more about this topic. Are their dwarfs with super powers out there? Where do I go to hire them? I do have some things I could use them for (which I am not willing to disclose), but then again, who doesn’t?


    • A dwarf with super powers can be very useful, but there are not many of them around. Because of their low profile and the fact that they live underground, they are very hard to find. They prefer to do business with monkeys even if they are too drunk and communication is very difficult. They hate people (especially doctors, gardeners, undertakers and clowns). There are many ways to track them down though.


  2. That’s terrific to hear that they (magical dwarfs) like to do business with monkeys, as I am a monkey! Despite my internet skills, I have been unable to locate a single magical dwarf and require further assistance. Whenever I post openings for magical dwarfs only on Freelancer and eLance, they turn out to be frauds.

    I thought I was on to something when I found Peter Dinklage, but it turns out he isn’t truly magical, rather people just like to sing his praises and make him seem greater than he is. Did you know someone spotted Dinklage on the street, was stunned and stood still, and was promptly hit by a car? He (P Dink) then ran over and held the man as he passed away. Surely if he was magical he would have done something.

    Any help in this matter would be appreciated.


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