It was easy…


It really was. Creating a blog here took me no longer than 15 minutes.

But what’s the point really? Who reads this stuff? I could post stuff on Facebook. My friends would see them, but no one else would. So here is the right place? I guess I can trick some people to visit this page, but that’s as far as it can possibly go. I can find a million bloggers that write about stupid things, have stupid concerns, give stupid advice etc. Stupidity is all over the place! Still they attract a lot of visitors.

I got tired writing already. Or was I tired already, before I started writing? I have a million topics to write on and I do not know where to start. Let me think about it….


3 thoughts on “It was easy…

  1. You’re off to a good start. Very clever posting the link on Mashable, it got me here.

    The mommy blogger post was very good. I have to show it to my wife, who works all the time. She will laugh and laugh.

    “Hate” and “stupid” are great categories. Write about them a lot. Fear nothing. Let it all out.

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    • A new blog can’t get 2000 hits in its first 5 days. You have to do some tricks…
      Glad you liked the post though! Hope your wife likes too. I am happy that clicking on the link that brought you here was not a complete waste of your time, eventually.
      I will keep hating stupidity and will keep writing about it…


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